Saturday, May 25, 2013

This Week's Entertainment

When it's not raining here in Xi'an there is so much to do! Last night the university hosted an amazing opera performance.

The director and composer is pretty famous in China. I'm told I am very lucky to have had the opportunity, especially since it was free. Here's the short video clip:

(Okay so I can't get the video to upload, 
can't hold a stable internet connection long enough
I'll update once I get it working)

There is a park just down the road that comes alive every night. Crowds of women doing synchronized dancing, men spinning tops with whips, and music everywhere. This happens all day every day and is a great way to relax, stay healthy, and socialize. Whipping tops (not sure of the Chinese name) is an ancient Chinese exercise that has been around since at least 1300 BCE, and involves good hand eye coordination and a strong whipping arm. Next time I go to the park I'll be sure to give it a try.

The older generation is quick to invite me to do things, but the students are initially pretty shy. Once we get past that, they are a lot of fun and always ready to invite me to experience something new. I've become the resident english writing tutor and I get paid in mandarin lessons. I now have a handle on the spoken numerical system, some animals and plants, but most importantly how to order food and drink at the cafeteria. It easily gets to 35 degrees in the afternoon so it's helpful to be able to order some fresh Níngméng shuǐ (Lemonade: pronounced nI-mOng-shway). No more ordering dumplings with a calculator!

Speaking of food, my new friend Cui Miao brought me to the Muslim Quarter to sample a bunch of dishes. All of it was delicious, but neglected to take pictures. I'll put together a proper post next time I visit.